Intel Expands Visual Life with Museum of Me Interactive, Kitty & Lala Short Film


Intel may be touting its latest product launch — ultrabooks — but it’s also looking to inspire and engage consumers, which is why it keeps anthropologist Genevieve Bell on staff. To that end, it’s expanding the Visual Life campaign which was introduced in January at CES with a new short film and an interactive social web experience.

The latter, a digital brand experience called The Museum of Me, has already garnered more than 20,000 Facebook likes — which is fitting, as the project aims to turn your Facebook profile into a work of art.[more]

The social datamining and personalized infographic project adds to the tech brand’s attempt to inspire and engage on social platforms — witness its IdeaJam collaboration with Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst productions. 

The Museum of Me app creates a virtual, visual exhibition of the individual’s social life, as garnered from photos and posts on Facebook, as explained in this video: 

Intel is expanding Visual Life with another installment in its series of short films about bloggers (it has also featured non-bloggers, such as Michael Wolff of Wolff Olins and cellist Zoe Keating), as a means to showcase the brand’s second generation Core Processor line through compelling visuals and storytelling.

Its Visual Life first blogger profile about The Sartorialist, aka fashion photo-blogger Scott Schumann, won a bronze pencil at the ONE Show interactive awards for Amsterdam Worldwide, the agency which produced the branded entertainment short.

Amsterdam is also behind this latest short film, featuring Kitty and Lala. The theme: “the diverse, personal, and emotional role that technology plays in the everyday visual life of two young Chinese wedding photographers, Kitty and Lala, whose photo blog [80 Impression] is one of the most popular in China.”

The film uses stop motion cinematography, the press release notes, also “juxtaposing split screen images of contemporary and traditional China to capture how technology and creativity enrich Kitty and Lala’s innovative, highly personal client work and enables them to live their visual life. The film also sheds light on changing attitudes towards traditional Chinese culture by the post-1980s generation, who combine respect for their heritage with individuality and creativity.”

“Fuelled by a desire to combine their love of conceptual art with commercial photography, Kitty and Lala harness Intel technology to unite fantasy and originality in wedding portraiture. The film illustrates how work created by their studio, 80 Impression, is gaining popularity among young urbanites. Kitty and Lala explain the importance of photography in China and how it presents an opportunity for couples to express themselves.”

Brian Elliott, founder and CEO, Amsterdam Worldwide said: “Within the space of 20 years China has a generation of young adults with disposable incomes, western educations and a view of the world that, with the help of technology, is no longer bound by geographical distance. Kitty and Lala exemplify this new Visual Generation. Their story is a natural fit with Intel’s campaign and has a tangible link to the diversity of Core™ Processor technology.”


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