Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Stars in New Commercial, For Himself


Old Spice Guy — aka footballer turned actor Isaiah Mustafa — is in a new ad. And this time, the brand he’s promoting is Isaiah Mustafa. The most recognizable men’s hygiene pitchman of his (and perhaps any) time has himself in an unauthorized trailer for a film that does not yet exist: Marvel Comics’ action hero Luke Cage.

It’s the actor’s latest, and most elaborate, effort to lobby Marvel to give him a shot at becoming one of the most famous black superheroes of all time — in fact, the first black superhero, as Marvel introduced Cage in 1972. [more]

As one YouTube commuter commented on Mustafa’s mock trailer, above: “SWEET CHRISTMAS, THAT’S STUPID FRESH!”

This is just the latest effort by Mustafa to land the role of Cage. Last year, when the Old Spice Guy campaign was near its peak, he tweeted that the job would be his dream role. It got him a meeting with Marvel, though to what end nobody knew. The production was rumored to already star Tyrese Gibson. 

A Facebook campaign (of course) took root, and Mustafah appeared in mock production shots as Cage.

But film producers have not been especially receptive to such efforts in the past.

A few months ago, fans launched a campaign to cast black actor/comedian Donald Glover as the new Spider-Man. That Facebook campaign picked up over 11,000 fans and the actor even gained the attention of Spider-Man creator Stan Lee. However, Lee didn’t endorse Glover and the role ended up going to Andrew Garfield.

Before Glover’s campaign, actor Thomas Jane had himself made up as DC Comics anti-hero Jonah Hex and sent the “production” photos off to the studio in the hopes of landing the role. It eventually went to Josh Brolin. 

Mustafa is certainly probably eager to leverage his currently high Q-rating as Old Spice Guy to juice his move into “serious acting” so, ironically, he never again has to be Old Spice Guy again. He has already appeared in a Tyler Perry movie, and  he’s certainly getting work, judging by his IMDB profile.

Oddly enough, Marvel already cast Mustafah as Luke Cage — but only in its satirical “What the…?” web series where he, of course, reprised his role as Old Spice Guy, which may suggest just how serious Marvel is about giving him the job. And how eager Mustafa must now be to evolve his personal brand beyond that as “the Old Spice Man.”


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