High Chair a Low Point For BabyBjorn?


BabyBjorn, the baby carrier brand everyone loves to paint with the Yuppie label (but which non-Yuppie parents still swear by) has a new brand extension, high chairs.

The sensible new direction results in a new $300 chair that the brand swears is worth the price. Why? Technology, baby![more]

The brand that launched 1,000 t-shirts after its co-starring role in The Hangover extols its new chair’s features such as “The curved backrest and the rounded, adjustable safety table hug your baby for a snug fit” and “Along with the safety harness the high chair features a foldable and lockable safety table to keep your child firmly in place.”

It also wasn’t a huge stretch, as the Swedish brand long expanded into expanded into training toilets, travel cribs, sheets and eating utensils.

Dad blogger extraordinaire Daddy Types has the soup to nuts (klappgröt to köttbullar?) on how the brand started its quest to build a high chair worth $300.

The brand, he writes, “wanted the chair’s designer, Jakob Wikner, a new dad himself, to be involved, perhaps as a way to enhance the brand’s association with design. And they wanted to try on this YouTube thing, maybe get a little viral thing going.”

After the 2010 video, BabyBjorn stepped it up in March 2011 and released a subdued video “The Story Behind the BabyBjorn High Chair”

Then, finally, the high chair was loosed on the market in the “BabyBjorn High Chair Launch Event,” which included “a group of New York’s most influential parenting experts.” (Wait, we weren’t invited?) Daddy Types sums up the launch event video, below: “Oh man, just stay with it until the last shot. SO CUTE!”

The chair can be seen as a smart extension for a brand already boasting a stellar reputation with parents. But, especially with the current economy, is a $300 chair a boo boo?