Bombay Sapphire Projects Fan’s Imagination on London


Bombay Sapphire treated Londoners to a 3D projection last night at the Battersea Power Station. As part of its “Infused with Imagination” campaign, the projection was based on a fan’s design: Albania’s Erjola Veliaj, the winner of a global competition that launched in December on its Facebook page.

His idea was the fan favorite: to turn the power station into a rainbow of changing colors (inspired by a Rubik’s Cube) that morphed into the brand’s iconic blue, all reflected in the water of the Thames.[more]

Imagination is at the heart of the Bombay Sapphire brand, as highlighted at the UK launch of “Infused with Imagination” in April:

Last night’s event also builds on a theme that started last year with this UK projection:

In the US, meanwhile, the brand is promoting another Facebook project to inspire fans: inviting artists to submit works in the second year of a collaboration with Russell Simmons’ RUSH Philanthropic foundation.