In the News: Citi, Exxon, FT & more


In the News

BP now says Rosneft deal is really dead.

Citigroup confirms data breach.

Exxon unveils major oil and gas find in the Gulf of Mexico.

Financial Times circumvents Apple sales system with app.

L’Oreal heiress saga continues.

Nokia sees departure of chief technology officer.[more]

OPEC keeps a cap on oil output amid internal disagreement.

Old Navy goes after men in new ad push.

Paramount places big social-media bet on Super 8.

Pfizer suspends sales of chicken drug with arsenic.

P&G tries Facebook commerce again and talks with Wal-Mart about joining.

UFC seeks its own cable network.

Volkswagen sees unions request up to 3% ownership.

WellPoint acquires senior-health-care provider.