Consumers Respond to Mobile Marketing


For eons, marketers of all stripes have been trying to figure out just how many consumers take action due to their advertisement.

Even in the online world, where clicks and time spent and every other measurement is hemmed and hawed over, it can be difficult to know how many consumers saw the ad and simply had their own brand loyalty reinforced or a nugget of info lodged that will later lead to action.

As mobile platforms such as QR codes become more mainstream, marketers are grappling with the ROI of mobile marketing, with one-third unsure if their mobile campaigns are effective. Now the mobile world is saying it’s got the goods.[more]

A recent study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Lightspeed Research says that 25% of consumers are more likely to respond to advertising, whether it’s print, online, or outdoor, “if they are able to do so via a mobile response,” according to BusinessWorld.

The publication also cites recent research from Dynamic Logic that shows that mobile advertising can bring higher engagement with the consumer than online advertising does. “Based on 74 campaigns during Q4 2009, and with a huge 69,854 respondents, the research revealed that on average, 22% were aware of a mobile advert — leading to a purchase intent rate of 5.4%,” the site reports.

BusinessWorld purports that part of the reason is that there is generally only one ad per page on a mobile device and the information tends to be very targeted, very simple, and contain a call to action.

Stay tuned for more insights this week. At its global forum kicking off Wednesday in New York, MMA will release the first wave of research from a landmark global study on mobile marketing with Google, “designed to provide insights into how people are using their mobile devices and the readiness of businesses to engage consumers via mobile.”

“As the study shows, smartphones are used extensively by consumers and are a powerful new tool in engaging the marketplace,”  Michael Becker, North American Managing Director, MMA. 

“A mobile user study of this scope is unprecedented and offers a truly global view of how smartphones are transforming the lives of individuals,” said Mr. Charlebois. “Further it offers a valuable perspective on how marketers are adapting to the increasingly mobile world.”