Real-Life Social Networking? Awkward!


Ever wonder what your digital life would be like in the real world? Would you meet people the same way? Are the dangers the same? In a trending video on YouTube with over half a million views is a sneak peak of what that would look like. Pretty ridiculous, right? Wrong.

This is actually a promo for Two Boys, an upcoming production of the English National Opera (ENO) that opens on June 23rd, which may be the first opera that deals with the dangers of living our lives online.[more]

The video features a man asking random people to perform actions based on online activity. He walks up to strangers and asks them to be his friend (sound familiar, Facebook?) and after they awkwardly decline, he offers to show them pictures of himself to convince them. He also asks two women if they have a Twitter, and if he can follow them, and proceeds to physically follow them down the street.

It’s reminiscent of another classic viral video out of the UK — a 2008 BBC comedy clip (featuring members of the comedy troupe, Idiots of Ants) dubbed “Facebook in real life”:

It’s also an interesting statement on how cultural institutions are getting more creative about marketing, as ENO promoted this via its Tumblr account, and taped interviews with Two Boys author Will Self talking about the impact of the Internet on our lives for its YouTube channel: