Oppo Knocks: Leonardo DiCaprio Stars in Chinese Commercial


Leonardo DiCaprio’s next big film project is to star as infamous FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. After that, he’ll play the title role in a remake of The Great Gatsby.

In the meantime, he’s appearing in a short film called Find Me. Don’t look for it at your local theater, however; it’s an ad for Chinese electronics manufacturer Oppo’s latest smartphone.[more]

The mysterious ad — more branded entertainment given its plotline — is in two parts. Part 2, below:

Oppo Electronics is based in China’s Dongguan, and is known for DVD/Blu-ray Disc players. It has sibling “Oppo” companies in several countries, including America and South Korea, although their businesses are not connected.

Oppo’s first smartphone runs an Android platform with a 5 megapixel camera and a Snapdragon CPU. Oppo is pricing the phone just under the iPhone 4 in the China market, a move which has surpirsed many seeing as the brand is bext known for low cost mobile phones.

It’s rumored that DiCaprio’s payday for filming the Oppo campaign was a whopping $5 million (dollars, not yuan.)

Clearly leveraging DiCaprio’s starring role in Inception, Advertising @ ChinaSmack points out that the site the commercial drives to, Oppofind.com, does little to develop the “Find me” plot any further.

The campaign will see three more ads that may flesh out the story better, and it has an official Weibo page where the successive ads will be debuted. (Weibo is a Chinese social media site combining features of both Twitter and Facebook.) 

The campaign marks a departure for the brand from its previous celebrity endorsement, enlisting South Korean boy band 2PM for its ads last year:


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