Singapore Takeout: Place Branding by Enticing Global Tastebuds


Singapore is a hotbed of fashion, innovation and culinary excellence. Now this independent Asian city-state that sits at the tip of the Malay Peninsula wants the rest of the world to get a taste of what it has to offer.

The Singapore Tourism Board has created “Singapore Takeout,” a unique pop-up restaurant housed in a custom-fabricated shipping container, to allow consumers around the world to sample Singapore’s famed cuisine.[more]

The mobile place branding experience is traveling to nine cities around the world within twelve months on a “gastronomic journey” that will feature chefs from Singapore working together with a chef from the target country to create dishes inspired by Singaporean flavors. Singapore Takeout will stop for three days in each city to serve lunch to lucky consumers who register in advance via email and are chosen to participate. 

As you can watch below, the mobile culinary tour has already made a stop in London (June 9-11) and is on its way to Paris (June 30 – July 2). Additional stops include:

Moscow, July 15 – 17

New York, September 16 – 18

Hong Kong, November 10 – 12

Shanghai, December 1 – 3

Delhi, January 13 – 15, 2012

Dubai, February 18 – 20

Sydney, March 30 – April 1

The tour’s Facebook page will provide updates on visits to each city.

Singapore Takeout is part of the Singapore International Culinary Exchange (SPICE) sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board. The SPICE initiative also includes the Global Chef Exchange, a program that immerses foreign chefs in Singapore culture and inspires them to develop and demonstrate original recipes that marry their cooking styles with their new Singapore experiences.

Chefs are introduced to authentic Singaporean cuisine and food ingredients at cooking workshops and demonstrations and they get to network with local businesses. At the end of a week-long stay, the foreign chefs cook, present and showcase their own Singapore-inspired dishes and creations.

[Pop-up image via Springwise]