Levi’s Summer Exchange Program: Bring dENiZEN Global Brand to US; US Campaign to World


In a reverse marketing strategy, Levis Strauss this week brings its successful Asian denim brand, dENiZEN, to North America, just as it exports its US marketing campaign internationally.

The dENiZEN jeans are now exclusively available at Target, with an all-American marketing push and special offer: like the brand’s dENiZEN US Facebook page and become eligible to win a reward ranging from a $3 rebate on the purchase of a pair of the jeans, a free Target gift card, or a free pair of dENiZEN jeans.[more]

dENiZEN was launched last year to appeal to hipsters in China, India, Korea, Pakistan and Singapore, where Levi’s positioned its first non-Levi’s global denim brand as part of a push to be a leader in worldwide apparel industry employment practices.

In the US, however, it’s being marketed to families with a wholesome campaign:

The Asian rollout included corporate citizenship-inspired “Terms of Engagement” for its suppliers that extended to factory workers world-wide, and in sync with UN Millennium Development goals.

The dENiZEN name means ‘inhabitant,’ part of a larger community, and fits the brand that since 1873 has stood for profits through principles, espousing empathy, originality, integrity, and courage as integral to Levi’s denim DNA. “The authentic, pioneering spirit of our brands translates around the world,” said John Anderson, President and CEO.

Indeed, just as Levi’s is bringing its Asian brand to America, it’s exporting its US marketing campaign to the world.

Levi’s designed “Go Forth” as a summer campaign to kick-off with the July Fourth holiday, last year celebrating the pioneering spirit of the blue collar community of Braddock, PA.

Now, it’s bringing “Go Forth” to the world as part of its first ever “global creative platform.”

The US “Go Forth” campaign launched in 2009 with a Walt Whitmanesque spot from Wieden + Kennedy, and it’s still going with that theme of pioneers and work, although the US tagline of “We are all workers” (evoking the brand’s denim-clad roots as a working class uniform) is being replaced with “Now Is Our Time”.

W+K’s website outlines the new “Go Forth” global campaign:

In the summer of 2011, the Levi’s brand seeks to give the world a provocative wake-up call with the unified message that Now Is Our Time to take the future into our own hands and Go Forth. For the first time in its 138-year history, the Levi’s brand will communicate and engage with young pioneers around the world through one unified message. This global creative platform and integrated campaign will use print advertising, television, cinema, and online to remind us all of our potential. Go Forth exudes optimism and inspires those willing to work for a newer and mightier world. These are not easy times, but they’re our times.

Levi’s reinforced the US campaign with event marketing, sponsoring free DIY workshops, starting with a screen printing and letterpress workshop in San Francisco’s Mission District followed by a photography-themed pop-up in New York; currently, there’s a (carrying-coals-to-Newcastle) filmmaking workshop in Los Angeles.

In tandem with the global expansion of “Go Forth” this summer, Levi’s is sponsoring its first workshop outside the US, bringing the successful SF print workshop to Berlin from July 7th through August 18th.

In addition to following the action on Twitter and Facebook, check out one way Levi’s is “going forth” in Berlin this summer — commissioning a street artist to commemorate the city’s pioneers with murals:


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