Captain America, Captain of American Industry at Comic-Con and Beyond


Dunkin’ Donuts is leaving no bear claw unturned in its quest to wring every last bit of promotion out of its partnership with Marvel‘s Captain America: The First Avenger, which opens Friday.

The commercial Dunkin’ has been running to call attention to its line of Captain-inspired products is creative and fun. Then there is pressuring Captain America star Chris Evans into admitting that producers have told him just how that shield gets buttered.

But that’s not all for Dunkin’ Donuts’ tie-ins, nor Captain America‘s. Bring on Comic-Con, Harley-Davidson and… Norton Anti-Virus?[more]

You know Dunkin’ Donuts’ partnership is unique and exciting because, well, they say so.

Meanwhile, Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t the only brand that is tying itself to the movie, despite not appearing, in the movie.

While most brands focus on associating themselves with the superhero himself, Symantec’s well-known anti-virus software brand is associating itself with the hero’s shield. Get it? Because Norton “shields” users from viruses and other cyber-villains?

Norton’s heavy presence can be seen in the Marvel video it sponsored: “‪Captain America: The First Avenger- Norton’s Behind the Shield‬.”

The brand also hit Comic-Con in San Diego today, bringing a Captain America Truck and setting up a meet-and-greet for fans who won a Facebook contest to meet Stan “The Man” Lee himself at the Marvel booth. Evil lurks everywhere… avenge cybercrime!

Finally, there is Harley Davidson, the one brand that certainly does have both a tie-in and a role in the film. We’ve already noted how the Captain America bike made its way into the Harley museum; here’s Harley’s video promoting the tie-in.