P&G Trims Fabio’s Stint as the New Old Spice Guy


The people have spoken! A P&G spokesman confirmed to the Associated Press today that Isaiah Mustafa will return as the Old Spice Guy, after the brand introduced cheese-tastic romance novel cover icon Fabio as his replacement this week in a cringeworthy series of spots on a pop-up New Old Spice Guy YouTube channel, leaving its “old” Old Spice video channel up.

To quote AP, “P&G spokesman Mike Norton says Fabio’s Old Spice TV commercials are running now, but Mustafa will be back to pitch for the brand.”

As we noted when the New Old Spice Guy campaign broke, the whole thing was likely an elaborate joke to incite instant negative reaction on social media and on YouTube resoundingly against Fabio. In that case, the whole exercise was a resounding success.

Check out the latest Fabio spots below.[more]