Top 10 Stories of the Week: The New Old Spice Guy, Borders Woes, Fake Apple Stores & More


Our most-read blog posts of the past week include Borders woes, fake Apple stores, the New Old Spice guy, and more:

#1 Old Spice Hairasses Isaiah Mustafa Legacy with Fabio as New Old Spice Guy

#2 PepsiCo’s in the Hood, Promoting Health, Community and Culture

#3 Winnipeg Jets: Upper Deck Tired of Logo

#4 Marlboro Washes Up in Jersey Shore

#5 Cereal Thriller: ConAgra Poised to Acquire Ralcorp

#6 Borders, R.I.P.

#7 Google Brings Gamification to the News

#8 The Real Lesson of China’s Fake Apple Stores

#9 BMW Releases First Music Video

#10 Petite Lap Giraffe: A Tiny Viral Marketing Success


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