Isaiah Mustafa Outscores Fabio in Old Spice Guy Challenge


As rival Old Spice Guys Isaiah Mustafa (the original Old Spice Guy) and Fabio (the “new” Old Spice Guy) continue playing out their duel for fan votes with push-ups, challenges and other manly feats on YouTube and their Twitter feeds, it appears that folks are getting a tad tired of the schtick.

According to TV ad-tracker Ace Metrix, the comparative effectiveness scores of Old Spice’s new commercials featuring Fabio and Mustafa show that the Mustafa ads are 23% more effective than the Fabio ads on average, and 19% more likeable.[more]

“Old Spice’s Mustafa ads are far better than the Fabio ads across all demographics and component scores,” stated Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “The choice of Fabio as spokesperson was obviously meant to be funny and create buzz, but the choice (of Fabio) simply does not have the broad appeal of ‘Old Spice Guy Number 1.'”

Driving Fabio’s low Ace Metrix scores — the highest of which was 478 (compared to 615, the highest of Mustafa’s) — was a sense from consumers that Fabio is “old” and “outdated,” two words that appeared fairly frequently in quotes from consumers who were surveyed. 

“The Mustafa ads were funny, aspirational, and appealed to young men AND women — which was why they worked,” Daboll said.  “Unfortunately not many people want to ‘be’ Fabio now.”

This sentiment showed in verbatim comments from consumers tested by Ace Metrix: One 21-35 year-old woman commented, “Fabio, really? Maybe 15 years ago, now he’s just creepy.” 

Visuals comparing the effectiveness among demographics and components such as likeability, watchability, desire, etc. can be found in the Ace Metrix press release