Thai Life Insurance Ad Making All East Asia Cry, But Maybe Not Buy Insurance


While American insurance companies try various (and variously successful) ways to tickle consumers’ funnybone, they’re doing it a little differently in Thailand.

A new Thai Life Insurance commercial “‪Silence of Love‬” has already become a major viral success and, no kidding, is making people cry. Yes, an insurance ad moving people to tears.

The commercial is even moving viewers outside Thailand, receiving comments on its YouTube page in languages ranging from Thai to Japanese to English. Chinasmack takes a survey of “netizen” reaction on social media in China and finds that the commercial is causing mass weeping. Talk about consumer engagement! [more]

Sure, it’s opportunistic and cheaply yanks hard on heart strings, and yet even though you know you’re being manipulated, there’s so much impact. One Weibo user compares his reaction to an earlier 2011 commercial, “Heaven’s Lunch.”

We were stumped thinking of any American commercial from the last couple years that had this affect on audiences, or even one that bothered trying. Then again, maybe the bombarded American audience is so numb that commercials, once identified as such, simply cannot break through the wall of cynicism.

Of course, there is the ultimate question of whether this sells insurance better than humor, or if either really do a better job. But by treating commercials as pure entertainment, which is what many people do, it seems the Thais win this round.


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