In the News: AT&T Returns Jobs, Tesco Pulls Out of Japan, AOL to Go Private?


In the News

Adidas takes a nuanced approach to differentiate among national markets.

Air Koryo wants you to “friend” the North Korean state-run airline.

AOL is reportedly in talks with bankers to take the company private.

AT&T plans to bring back 5,000 U.S. jobs sent overseas.

Barnes & Noble gets lift from Nook reader.

BMW vows no power loss with four-cylinder sedan revival.

Boeing sets 2017 for debut of new version of 737.[more]

Carrefour cuts forecast.

Chipotle produces short film on sustainable farming.

Dollar General elevates its expectations.

Emergen-C launches extension for kids.

Exxon wins Arctic deal with Rosneft over competitors including BP.

Ford expected to announce college-campus deal with Zipcar.

Groupon sees changes at competitors, but are they wins — or warnings? Meanwhile, its traffic tumbles.

ICBC is China’s most valuable brand, report says, though it’s little-known to foreigners.

Lions Gate Entertainment reaches truce with raider Carl Icahn.

NASCAR targets college market.

Oracle investigated for bribery in Africa, Wall Street Journal says.

Ralph Lauren buys solo sponsorship of New York Times on iPad for a month, while a new study says that Amazon could pose the only formidable threat to the Apple device.

Tesco pulls out of Japan.

WikiLeaks site comes under attack.

X5 shakes up music business with digital “mix tapes” of classical recordings.


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