Mercedes Proves Our Cyborg Future Will be Branded


It’s a given that the future human will be a cyborg. Now, the only question about our bionic future is how branded it will be. 

A recent heartwarming tale from the UK shows that, even in the realm of bionic limbs, Mercedes is maintaining its luxury brand pedigree.  

“This is not a sad story” begins teenager Matthew James’ fundraising website, which chronicles the lad’s campaign to petition F1 team Mercedes GP Petronas to sponsor his prosthetic hand.

But the Mercedes-Benz team did one better, and worked with Touch Bionics to give the new hand a sleek F1-like carbon fiber design. That’s right, Mercedes now makes hands.[more]

In the beginning Matthew wanted Mercedes only to fund his prosthesis, in exchange for which the teen would put Mercedes branding on his new hand. But the Mercedes GP team was so moved it invited the boy to its headquarters and set to building a customized hand using top technology from British company Touch Bionic and design from Mercedes.

Of course, the whole tale was chronicled on Mercedes GP’s website and made its way into the press, winning Mercedes no small amount feel-good brand exposure.

While Mercedes reports that it is working further with Touch Bionics to create a prototype limb based on Matthew’s, it’s unclear if the auto brand will formally get into the bionic marketplace. But the partnership makes clear the extension possibilities for brands that are willing to go beyond just forking over cash for a good cause and think a little outside the box — or in this case, the engine block.


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