Papi-Razzi: Jennifer Lopez Stuffs New Video With Product Placement


Chrysler unveiled a Fiat commercial featuring Jennifer Lopez and the new Fiat 500 during the first night of the 2012 NFL season. JLo has released the full video for her single, Papi (above), and as promised, it’s one long product placement — and not just for Fiat.[more]

Papi begins with a plug for Blackberry, as JLo works in a little reference to her (crumbling) marriage to Marc Anthony:

The newly single songbird is duly chased by a herd of men (Papi-razzi?) so large, there’s no time to pop into her favorite jewelry brand, Tous:

It seems there is a new online dating website getting into the music video product placement game. After numerous appearances for competitor site Plenty Of Fish in videos by Britney Spears, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga, Planet Love Match declares that it is “Team JLo” here. 

Clearly an Apple MacBook, however, this notebook gets the taped-over-logo treatment:

Of all the product placements in Papi, Crowne Royale’s is the most egregious and naked. Even compared to the Fiat’s co-starring role, the placement of Crowne Royale Black is over the top.

After passing, logo facing out, across the screen, one of JLo’s avid gentlemen suitors woos her by pushing the bottle at her. What is the message here?

As we’ve noted, JLo has carried water for Crowne Royale before. The artist’s video for On the Floor, released in March, also saw a bottle of the spirit carried, logo facing camera, on a silver platter. 

In the end, Fiat has the most the gain from its JLo cameo in this video, as it hits the sweet spot of product placement. It’s a visually striking product that US consumers are largely unaware of, and it plays a positive role alongside a well-regarded star whose fan demographic dovetails perfectly with the automaker’s.

The problem, though, is that because JLo has come off lately as such a huge shill (see above chronology of just her latest video), many see any endorsement by Lopez through a lens of cynicism.

If Twitter is anything to go by (and it isn’t always), JLo’s Fiat partnership is taking a huge beating from those who are just not buying it. But then, they’re not Fiat’s target demo anyway.


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