Subway Makes Good on ‘Eat Fresh, Live Green’ Commitment


When you want to construct a restaurant that is environmentally friendly from top to bottom — not just offering recycling options and Styrofoam-less carrying options inside — a good person to have onboard might be a retired environmental health scientist.

Dr. Burhan Ghanayem (and his brother Marwan) are opening two of five new US Subway restaurants that should “reduce energy, water, and waste consumption in cost-effective ways.”

“All of these new eco-restaurants reflect the brand’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability,” stated Marketing Director Elizabeth Stewart, who heads the Subway brand’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

“We have made a commitment to make our restaurants and operations more environmentally responsible. As the largest franchise chain in the U.S., we know we can make  real difference and are working towards that goal.”[more]

The brothers’ LEED-certified Subway shops are in Durham and Cary, North Carolina. Another one is in Kokomo, Indiana, and “features a large monitor for displaying (the) restaurant’s real-time energy consumption” as well as “a freestanding drive-through that’s been made out of recycled materials,” according to World Interior Design Network.

The fourth and fifth eco-conscious Subways have been constructed at a rest area off the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, and include “solar panels that generate electricity to run the store” and “have highly efficient air conditioning” as well as “plants that require no water for irrigation.”

As part of the brand’s overall social responsibility commitment (tagline: “Eat fresh, live green”), all new and remodeled stores now use energy efficient lighting saving electricity as well as low flow water faucets saving an estimated 182.1 million gallons of water annually.

Of all the fast-food options, Subway has “long been touted as the ‘healthier’ fast food option” according to TriplePundit since it pushes the use of fresh ingredients and fat-free options, TriplePundit points out. Now the chain isn’t just building these five new eco restaurants but also “have also started introducing recyclable cutlery and paper napkins made out of 100% recycled material” and “stopped using plastic menu cards” and replaced them with paper menus.

Another new all-eco Subway will open on the UCLA campus, TriplePundit reports.