Hollywood Parody Ads Hot New Thing: Puss in Boots as Old Spice Guy


It seems the Old Spice Guy ads just will not go gently. We’re already looked at numerous parodies and copycats. We’ve found Old Spice inspiration in the new Dairy Queen campaign. And the pitiful clones. Pity the clones.

Now, the upcoming Shrek spin-off film Puss in Boots has gone the Old Spice route, with “the cat your cat could be like” parody above. Puss isn’t the only children’s film getting into the parody game.[more]

The upcoming new Muppets movie recently riffed on the upcoming adult thriller Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

And in the ultimate parody mash-up, some YouTube pranksters channeled the Mad Men guys pitching the Old Spice Guy commercial … in the 1960s.