Aaron Rodgers Takes a Low-Key Approach to Endorsements with Associated Bank (and Edith)


Aaron Rodgers is lighting up the National Football League with his passing prowess so far this season, leading all other quarterbacks by far in overall passing ratings, and drawing comparisons from league analyst and former star quarterback Phil Simms to “Tiger Woods at his best.”

So why, unlike the self-destructive golfing icon, isn’t Rodgers seen endorsing Buick, Nike and any number of other big-name brands besides State Farm Insurance?

After all, Brett Favre still has Wrangler going, but he hasn’t been the Packers’ quarterback for three years. And at this point, Rodgers’ on-field performance this season has left those of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and even rookie sensation Cam Newton, of the Carolina Panthers, eating his dust. Meanwhile, NFL pitchman non pareil Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts’ field general, has been sidelined indefinitely by neck surgery.

Rodgers’ handlers have said he wants to expose himself only slowly to the brand-endorsement world. Or maybe it’s that Rodgers is just stuck on Edith. Edith Who?[more]

“Edith Yargoczinski,” the elderly-lady character who is shown in commercials for Associated Bank hanging out with Rodgers at a beauty salon and talking Packers football with him as they sit under hair dryers, reading magazines. A spontaneous hug between the two also made it into the campaign.

Associated is a big deal in Wisconsin banking, but the humorous ads showcasing Rodgers’ best nice-boy-next-door qualities have been limited to the Packers’ home state where the bank predominates.

The bank also has some branches in neighboring Illinois and Minnesota, too. But for some reason, Associated executives apparently believe ads featuring the Packers’ king-of-the-hill quarterback might not be popular in the lands of the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings. Edith, of course, would beg to differ.