CITRUS Publisher’s Platform, End-to-End


What could bring under one tent, Scripps Networks, the National Hockey League, Cox Media Group, InvestingChannel and Martini Media?

Crowd Science and their CITRUS audience measurement, segmentation and targeting publisher’s platform, just unveiled at the 2011 IAB MIXX Conference & Expo in New York.

CITRUS aggregates the data in a single closed-loop, first-party solution that leverages a publisher’s own data and converts low-value run-of-site ad inventory into premium-branded segments.

“Publishers are in desperate need of solutions that help them monetize more of their valuable audience,” says Corey Leibow, Crowd Science CEO. “CITRUS gives publishers back ownership of their audience data so they can increase ad sales and grow CPMs. In turn, their advertisers are able to find more of the valued segments they seek and improve campaign performance.”[more]

Current clients include a variety of media players, including Turner Networks, PC World, Viacom, Meredith and Everyday Health. Early Beta results found an uptick in high-value audience segments of 10% to 50% compared with standard ad targeting or third party segmentation solutions, and in some cases, lift as high as 300% to 500%, depending on the segment.  

Publishers can either pay a fee for CITRUS or sign up for the all-you-can-eat option with no fees and all platform access.

CITRUS’ proprietary ‘pattern engine’ combines psychographics, analytics and machine learning that is easily integrated into publisher’s display ad-targeting servers such as Google DART for Publishers (DFP) and data management platforms like Adobe Demdex.


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