Quaker Backs a Mobile App That Even Mikey Would Like


PepsiCo’s man in the Quaker hat has been busy lately. Quaker Life cereal — you know, the one Mikey likes — just turned 50, if you can believe it. And Quaker Oats has been pumping up its digital cred with its first mobile app.

Created in partnership with app-maker Zazu, which calls its mobile app “the smartest damn alarm clock,” the Quaker Oats-backed app aims to rev up mornings.

The Zazu Mornings app, as it’s called, serves up a helping of information to get your day started — weather, traffic, news, a daily calendar, local deals, and of course, breakfast ideas — all customized for a ‘personalized brand experience’ and served bedside with a soothing voice (and visuals) as your morning alarm.

Boston-based Zazu got to know the marketing execs at Quaker as a participant in the first class of PepsiCo10, the company’s digital incubator.[more]

“We’re taking your online data sources and merging them together intelligently, allowing you to access it when and where you need it,” says Marc Held, Zazu’s Co-Founder and CTO.

Underlying the app is the integration of a broad menu of disparate smartphone information in one place. The Zazu cloud technology leverages the multiple internet enabled devices for cross-device access to customized, branded content.

“Zazu is a new opportunity for us to connect with our consumers when our products are most relevant to them,” said Barbara Liss, Director of Digital for Quaker Oats in PepsiCo’s press release.

“For example, with Zazu, when a user wakes up to a snowy day with back-to-back meetings, we can share the idea to start their morning with the latest weather report and Instant Quaker Oatmeal, for a breakfast that will warm them up and help sustain them for their morning activities.”

The voice-based free app, available for Android and Apple iOS, (a premium offering with better voice quality costs $2.99) and $5.99 on BlackBerry, launched at the DEMO Conference in Silicon Valley. (Watch a demo, from DEMO, below.)

But perhaps the best thing about Zazu Mornings, the app collaborates with Breville to automatically start your coffee maker in the morning. 

“At Breville we are always seeking to understand how our consumers engage and interact with the tools we create for their kitchen,” stated Rob Sheard, Brand Director at Breville USA. “Zazu is on the cutting edge of how smartphones unify and simplify this and we are excited to see how their development efforts improve these experiences.” 

We have a feeling Mikey would like this, too.