Footloose Product Placement Stays Loyal to Original, Almost


Falling just a couple hundred thousand dollars short to last week’s top film, Real Steel, the remake of the iconic 1984 Footloose was about as faithful to the original as one could imagine.

But when it comes to product placement, the update added a few touches, and removed a few more.

Those who remember the regional film will be pleased to see the old, ragged VW Beetle back for the 2011 reboot. But it wasn’t just any VW Bug — the new film used the exact same 1972 Formula V model used in the 1984 original.[more]

The Formula V was a special edition “sport” Beetle.

To connect the film with its ancestor, the new Footloose even put the VW on one of its posters.

One brand the updated Footloose drops is Nike. In the 1984 film, Kevin Bacon is seen dancing in Nike trainers.

In the 2011 update, Kenny Wormald skips the Nikes in favor of other shoes.

This move is likely because of Footloose‘s extensive tie-in with Home Shopping Network to sell the footwear from the new film. Even the red cowboy boots from the original made an appearance in the 2011 film, and yes, they are for sale at HSN.

Footloose even released an entire magazine produced in association with Fashion Nerrd (FN) Magazine. The glossy 32-page magazine explores the film’s fashions from head to toe, including Levi’s, HSN and Deborah Lippman makeup.

The 113-minute long commercial for boots appears to have worked to some degree.

Footloose‘s other official partners include Herbal Essences, Salon Perfect, Boot Barn and Greyhound. Yes, the long-haul bus brand managed an official tie-in with the film. It even landed on the poster.

Greyhound’s tie-in includes a national “Cut Loose” sweepstakes Greyhound tickets as prizes. Ninety Greyhound stations will also carry Footloose counter ads and messaging will be printed on boarding passes and ticket jackets.

For historians, here is the trailer for the original, featuring the VW, those red boots and those Nikes.

For a look at product placement in all of 2011’s number one films, visit Brandchannel’s product placement database.


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