Take This Lollipop Spooks Facebook Users


Just when you thought you had your online privacy settings all figured out, along comes Take This Lollipop.

Give this Facebook app permission to connect to your profile and up comes a video of a jittery, sweaty man sitting at a computer in a dark room scratching around on a Facebook user profile… on your Facebook user profile, to be exact.[more]

Take This Lollipop dares users to take a lick/click — and ick. Even if it’s intended as a cyber spook house, and a bit of harmless Halloween fun, it’s also serving as a privacy PSA of sorts and a warning to Facebook users, giving Lollipop-lickers the jitters.

As for who’s behind it, credit Jason Zada, a TV, digital and music director, who tweeted, “Wanna see something scary? My new Facebook Connect Experience. http://www.takethislollipop.com.” Zada’s previous work includes digital campaigns such as the “Elf Yourself” holiday app for Office Max, and commercials for Coupons.com and Ray-Ban. Playing the cyber creep: actor Bill Oberst Jr.

Zada’s latest Facebook Connect effort reminds Adweek‘s Tim Nudd of a weird German campaign that customized a Facebook stalker movie starring you. It also recalls Intel’s Museum of Me interactive digital experience… and Toyota’s “Your Other You” initiative, a stalking-based campaign that resulted in the automaker being sued.

When the Take This Lollipop ‘experience’ ends, there’s a timer and a message that one of your friends is next. But worry not: the fine print on the website promises that the app won’t store your personal information or post anything without permission. (Watch one user’s reaction below and let us know what you think.)

Update: Oberst was kind enough to reach out to us and share his thoughts on the campaign: “The video is going viral and having my name associated with it is a pleasure. It is so clever that it actually creeped me out a bit when I let “the creepy guy” peruse my own Facebook profile!”


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