Consumerist Readers Pick America’s Worst TV Commercials


Readers participating in the Consumerist blog’s second annual Worst Ad in America Awards have crowned Luvs “Poop! There It Is” as the 2011 winner, (above) taking 32% of the 115,000 votes and beating an AT&T spot at 23.98%, in which a wife berates her husband for signing the family up for unlimited texting. Check that out, plus this year’s other Consumerist ‘winners,’ below.[more]

A second AT&T commercial, for the Infuse 4G featuring a screaming response to a spider, finished in fourth place with 14.32% of the vote:

…which trailed a Summer’s Eve ad at 17.5% that reduces female power (and history) to “The V”:

…and Geico’s “Smartphones for Dumb Things” spot:

“Most Grating Performance by a Human Being,” went to AT&T’s Flash Mob Dancer with 32.45%:

“Group That Ought To Go Their Separate Ways” went to Esurance’s annoying coworkers, winning 32.41% of the vote:

“Trend That Needs To Stop Being A Trend” was a close race, barely 2% separating the top three. First place, at 29.24%, went to Klondike:

In second place, with 28.91%, Ford’s “Drive One” “real people, fake press conferences”

And third, any and all Old Spice Guy rip-offs, though we’d make an exception for this one:

The “Most Irritating Animated Actor” was the CarFax Car Fox, at 32.52%:

… and in second place, the Aflac ducks’s “major medical” pigeon buddy, at 29.42%.

“Worst Abuse Of An Existing Song” went to   Swiffer’s over-use of Heart’s “What About Love,” with 42.56% of the vote:

“Original Jingle That Should Be Junked”: Arby’s “Good Mood Food” jingle garnered 45.8% of the votes:

“Celebrity Who Could Probably Use A New Manager” The tag team of Hulk Hogan and Troy Aikman for Rent-A-Center:

And drum roll please: “ The Creepiest Commercial Of The Year” went to the Pos-T-Vac Vacuum Therapy System, an FDA-approved Medical Grade device to help treat and overcome Erectile Dysfunction (aka a penis pump):

Consumerist senior editor Chris Morran says it has been an ongoing struggle to get agencies involved in the effort.

“The first year, I researched and comment-called every involved agency I could find. None would provide an official quote, though I did get yelled at for 90 minutes by a publicist from a top 5 agency who accused me of unfairly targeting their clients.”

For a full list of the also-rans, click here.