BDO US Campaign Highlights Authenticity


In times of economic and political uncertainty, authenticity takes a front seat in many marketing campaigns, like BDO’s “Eleven Time Zones” spot above. The brand’s tagline, “People who know, know BDO,” reinforces the message that it’s the insider’s choice.

BDO is the sixth 6th largest accounting firm, smaller compared to the Big Four, $1 billion versus $10 billion, respectively, but its latest TV advertising from Seiter & Miller, turns that to advantage; an alternative to the Big Four, with a successfully different culture.[more]

Realistic client scenes let customers do the talking as seen below in another spot, called “Audit Committee” —

The company was founded in 1910 by a 22-year-old immigrant to the U.S., Maximilian (M.L.) Seidman who opened a one room office on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Fast forward 101 years, and BDO serves clients in 40 plus offices through 400 independent alliance firm locations nationwide, and through BDO International Limited, has a global network of 1,082 offices in 119 countries.

Just this week comes the announcement of BDO’s Partner and USA General Counsel, Barbara Taylor, recognized as a 2011 Working Mother of the Year for her leadership in promoting diversity and work/life fit through two programs, The Women’s Initiative and BDO Flex.

“This award and BDO’s previous recognition as a Working Mother Best Company reflect well on Barbara and on the entire firm, as they recognize companies and individuals that are championing work/life balance and diversity,” said Jack Weisbaum, CEO of BDO USA. 

BDO is a (relatively) smaller brand with a bigger presence fueled by a genuineness that cuts through the clutter.


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