At the Movies: Did Rum Diary’s “Nothing in Moderation” Motto Scare Away Brand Partners?


This weekend is going to be owned by Puss in Boots. At least, that’s what the numerous brand partners of the animated DreamWorks film are hoping for. And they are numerous.

Everyone from HP to Best Buy to Friskies to Haas Avocados have partnered with the Shrek-spinoff in the hopes of a little increase in profile. [more]

The Puss in Boots marketing team has already had a little branded fun with its property. A few weeks ago, the film was the latest to release a “parody” trailer. Do kids even know who the Old Spice Guy is?

Puss in Boots also boasts all the conventional bells and whistles tie-ins that have come to accompany any large-scale child-targeted film. McDonald’s Happy Meal? Of course.

But some of the tie-ins are a little more creative than the old “toy inside” scheme. Great Day Farms has arranged for a marketing deal that bases its egg product on the film’s Humpty Dumpty character.

The brand also offered “FREE 3D printouts, coloring pages, and calendars – inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots!”

Friskies cat food release a line of Puss in Boots packaging. Ditto Sun-Maid raisins.

It remains to be seen if Puss in Boots will continue DreamWorks’ nearly complete turn away from in-film product placement and brand jokes. We’ll report on Monday.

With its “Nothing in moderation” tagline, it’s no surprise that The Rum Diary does not boast a major rum brand tie-in.

An adaptation of the rum-soaked novel of rum-soaked writer Hunter Thompson, The Rum Diary does not have much going by the way of big brand name tie-ins. But the trade organization Rums of Puerto Rico have launched a sleepy campaign based on the film.

A Facebook game call “Rolling for Rum” allows users to win prizes like a trip to Puerto Rico (not rum). Much of the film was shot in in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the tale takes place. The film’s premiere after party was also sponsored, in part, by The Rums of Puerto Rico. The organization exists to promote the “Rum Capital of the World.” Yet, nothing about the film appears on the organization’s website.

One bit of trivia from The Rum Diary that isn’t exactly an endorsement for the island’s booze industry is director Bruce Robinson’s confession earlier this year that he relapsed into alcoholism while filming: “Some savage drinking took place.

Lastly this weekend, there is the Justin Timberlake vehicle In Time. Our future, it seems, is one free of brands.

Except for Glock, that is. We’ve been all over the Glock’s history of product placement before. Funny that in a future of highly advanced technology where our lives are literally on the clock we’d all still be using a firearm developed in the 1990s. Certainly chosen for its shiny silver slide, the Glock even made the film’s poster.