Ziff Davis Enterprise Going OmniDigital and Paper-Free by January


Ziff Davis Enterprise is going digital in a strategic move aptly called OmniDigital.

The publisher of eWeek, CIO Insight, Baseline and Channel Insider (already an online publication) is following precedent set by former parent company Ziff Davis Media, which stopped publishing print magazines in 2009.

The three print brands have a combined print circulation of about 400,000. The OmniDigital plan is to release native apps and mobile-optimized websites across smartphones and tablets with an end-goal of being 100% paperless in January. Print currently delivers only about 9 percent of ZDE’s total revenues and does not turn a profit, according to CEO Steve Weitzner. [more]

“We’re not getting out of the magazine business. We’re getting out of the paper business” he said. “The ability to look at what others are tweeting, share on your social networks, and pull in related content are things that print can never do.”

With IT professionals are the primary ZDE audience, OmniDigital preaches to the choir: “Our segment has a high level of adoption of smartphones and tablets – most IT pros have two or three devices. So we think we’re at a tipping point,” added Weitzner.

At launch, OmniDigital will be available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian/Nokia-powered smart phones and iPad, RIM Playbook and Android-powered tablets.

“The future of engagement is mobile, it is social and it is entirely digital,” said Weitzner. “We intend to drive the digital marketing standard for B2B tech media and accelerate the ‘anywhere and everywhere’ consumption of content by exploiting the rapid adoption of mobile and tablet devices in the IT community.”

Frequency will increase across all four brands with Baseline and CIO Insight returning to monthlies from quarterlies and eWEEK to bi-weekly from 19 issues a year. OmniDigital will be holistic with websites and digital editions fortified with news alerts, curated content, interactivity and social sharing. More content on multiple platforms creates a better buyer proposition and ‘a horizontal landscape’ offers greater potential for marketers.

“The evolution of our key brands means that advertising and promotion will integrate seamlessly as never before with our social and demand generation offerings, from eSeminars and lead generation to scoring and nurturing and other marketing services,” said Weitzner.


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