McDonald’s Fries Light Up the Sky


The marketing folks at McDonald’s seem to be a little obsessed with the fast-food chain’s fries these days. The company has a national television commercial with a grandpa fishing with his young grandson, who catches a few humans that are after his bait: a fry. Yes, kids, they’re not fly-fishing but fry-fishing.

Now comes the news that the company’s new regional ad campaign around its corporate hometown of Chicago, “Best Fries on the Planet,” features a few billboards designed by Leo Burnett that honor the fried potatoes with giant streaming shafts of light.

The new billboards for McDonald’s, which is based in that city’s suburb of Oak Brook, are “giant boxes of fries with beacons of golden light illuminating the night sky,” according to NBC Chicago. Yes, kids, they’re frylights, not skylights.[more]

Adweek calls the new billboards “a beacon of hope for fast-food junkies and late-night drunks in downtown Chicago.” Unfortunately, they also resemble New York’s annual 9/11 Tribute in Lights memorial at the former World Trade Center site.

The #6 Best Global Brand also recently launched an online contest for consumers to write about what they’d like to have their fries with, which could win them $25,000 or, even better, some coupons for free fries.

If you can’t think of what you want the fries with, the site allows you to read some past entries such as that “Juan wants McDonald’s fries with an engagement ring to put on the bottom” and “Bryce wants McDonald’s fries with a totally revamped wardrobe.”


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