From MMMBop to MMMHop, Hanson Goes From Band to Brand


When the teen-heartthrob band of brothers Hanson appeared on Saturday Night Live back in 1997, Will Ferrell and host Helen Hunt dressed up as terrorists, kidnapped the trio, and forced them to listen to their outrageously infectious and overly sappy hit tune MMMbop endlessly in hopes of making them all insane.

Well, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac came out of the studio alive and kicking that night (after performing the tune) but their latest venture may make some think they are slightly out of their minds.

Rolling Stone reports that the band next year plans to release a new brew, an India Pale Ale called (of course!) MMMHop IPA. Might as well take advantage of the one song that millions of people worldwide actually remember from the band that is still churning out tunes. The song, by the way, went double platinum and up to No. 1 in 27 countries. (Dang the Finnish! It only hit No. 4 there.)[more]

Hanson always gave off an image of being the nicest of boys, but MMMHop is a clear indication that they are now actual men — 31 (Isaac), 28 (Taylor), and 26 (Zac) — and not the kids they were when this crazy train started rolling way back when.

“We of course make records, they are fundamental to what we do, but we wanted to create a brand so that our fans have a greater experience,” Zac Hanson told reporters at Oxford University Union in Oxford, England, as reported by Rolling Stone. “What is vital is that Hanson merchandise is quality and not made solely with the purpose of profit. We have a board game and even a record player to play our last record on, but we will never make dolls, lunch boxes or toothbrushes that play our songs, for example. It’s vital our fans have trust in everything Hanson do.”

Nothing could be more vital than that. Next thing you know your MMMHop will be gone so fast, yeah. Contact Music, by the way, notes that Hanson wouldn’t be the first musical act to release its own beer: “Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott launch a lager called Down ‘N Outz, Puff Daddy has his own vodka, and Carlos Santana has his own wine.”


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