Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Kia, Bridgestone and FirstBank’s Bathroom Break


Overall, Kia has taken a back seat to sibling brand Hyundai in the U.S. market, but last year it earned some Super Bowl chops with its spot featuring animatronic stuffed animals. But it’s hard to tell so far what Kia will be giving Big Game viewers this year, even with the brand teasing its upcoming spot featuring a motley crew that includes Motley Crue, mixed-martial-arts champion Chuck Liddell and champion bull rider Judd Leffer.

At least Kia executives have the sense to start the teaser, above, with a glimpse of Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima.

Bridgestone has been nudging bits of its Super Bowl schtick out into public view, a combination of deadpan geek humor and breathless jock schlock.

The latest features pretend Bridgestone engineers and scientists and real-life jocks and ex-athletes including Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs, fellow NBA-er Steve Nash and long-retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback and tier-one Fox Sports commentator Troy Aikman.[more]

And a spot that could be among the wryest of the day will, unfortunately, be aired only during locally committed advertising slots in Colorado. FirstBank gives viewers about 15 seconds to take a bathroom break so they don’t miss “one of the exciting commercials … or game time.” As a spokesman sits in his lounger munching on chips, he adds: “Seriously.”

Of course, all of these brands today are glad they aren’t H&M, which is set to launch its first-ever Super Bowl commercial. Unfortunately, the clothing-store brand has stepped into an IP dispute right before the Big Game, accused of ripping off a 2008 design by an Atlanta artist for its slogan, “You Look Nice Today” (followed by a little red heart).

Below, watch the behind-the-scenes of Bridgestone’s pre-Super Bowl campaign:


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