2012 Super Bowl XLVI Ad Round-Up, Including Pre-Game, Post-Game and Regional Spots


(Updated since our post-game post!) The barking dogs above, heralding the return of Star Wars to Volkswagen for this year’s Super Bowl, unleashed a pack of sneak peeks and teasers — along with full-length reveals of Game Day commercials — in the days leading up to Super Bowl XLVI.

Below, watch this year’s Super Bowl commercials, arranged by brand. Let us know if you find any to be particularly brand-enhancing (vs. off-brand or even brand-damaging) in the comments below — and whether you thought the deluge of pre-game social media sneak peeks paid off or not.[more]

Acura “Transactions” w/Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and the Soup Nazi (Twitter hashtag: #JerrysNSX)

Audi “Vampire Party” (hashtag #solongvampires)

Best Buy “Phone Innovators”

Bridgestone “Performance Football”

Bridgestone “Performance Basketball” w/ Steve Nash and Tim Duncan

Bud Light “Welcome to Half-Time” w/LFMAO

Bud Light “Rescue Dog” (Weego) – watch the teaser with the real-life rescue dog here and don’t miss the Facebook-based corporate citizenship element to the Weego campaign

Bud Light Platinum “Factory” feat. Kanye West song (hashtag: #makeitplatinum)

Bud Light Platinum “Work”

Budweiser “Eternal Optimism”

Budweiser “Return of the King”

Cadillac ATS (GM) “Green Hell”

CareerBuilder “Business Trip” brings back, controversially, chimps

Cars.com “Confident You”

Century 21 w/Donald Trump, Deion Sanders, Apolo Anton Ohno

Chevy “Happy Grad” (watch the extended version here)

Chevy Silverado “2012” (which Ford tried to pull)

Chevy Sonic “Stunt Anthem” w/ OK Go #letsdothis

Chevy Sonic “White Knuckles” w/OK Go

Chevy Sonic “Joy” w/animated insects

Chrysler “Halftime in America” w/Clint Eastwood – follow-up to last year’s “Imported From Detroit” spot feat. Eminem

Chrysler promotes Fiat 500 Abarth, “Seduction”

Coke “Superstition” – one of three polar bear spots that were selected during the game, based on the on-field action:

Coke “Arghh” featuring New York Giants bear

Coke “Catch” featuring New England bear

Dannon, Oikos – “The Tease” w/ John Stamos

Doritos “Man’s Best Friend” – the first of this year’s fan-made and -selected “Crash the Super Bowl” winners:

Doritos “Sling Baby” – the second Crash the Super Bowl winner:

Downy (P&G) pre-game ode to Coke’s classic Mean Joe Greene Super Bowl spot, updated with Amy Sedaris (contest hashtag: #touchdowny)

E-Trade “Fatherhood”

Ford Mustang w/Derek Jeter (regional, NYC)

Garnier Fructis “Sleek and Shine” (post-game)

GE “Power and beer”

GE “Building something big in Louisville”

Geico – “Ew. Seriously? So Gross.” (pre-game)

Geico “Street Luge” w/Maxwell the pig

Gillette Fusion “Masters of Style” with Adrien Body, Gale Garcia Bernal, Andre 3000 (pre-game)

Go Daddy “Body Paint” w/Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels

Go Daddy “The Cloud” w/Danica Patrick and the Pussycat Dolls

H&M “David Beckham Bodywear”

History Channel promo, “Swamp People”

Honda CR-V “Matthew’s Day Off” w/Matthew Broderick (watch the extended version here)

Honda “50 States”

Hulu Plus teaser w/Will Arnett (pre-game) Twitter hashtag: #mushymush

Hulu “Huluboratory”

Hyundai – “All For One” Anthem feat. Rocky theme and return of Jeff Bridges for voiceovers:

Hyundai “Cheetah”

Hyundai Elantra “Victory Lap” (pre-game)

Hyundai Genesis – Genesis R Spec (pre-game)

Hyundai “Think Fast”

Jack in the Box “Marry It” (regional)

Kia Optima “A Dream Car for Real Life” w/Adriana Lima, Motley Crue, Chuck Liddell (watch the extended version)

Kinect for Xbox 360 & NFL Play360

L’Oreal “True Match” w/Beyonce (post-game)

Lexus “Beast”

Mayors Against Guns PSA feat. NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston mayor Tom Menino

M&M’s “Just My Shell” Miss Brown debut

McDonald’s – Ronald McDonald House, “Anastacio”

MetLife “Everyone”

Movie Trailer: “Act of Valor” (Relativity Media)

Movie Trailer: “Battleship” (Universal Pictures)

Movie Trailer: “GI Joe” (Paramount)

Movie Trailer: “John Carter” (Disney)

Movie Trailer: “Safe House” w/ Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds (Universal)

Movie Trailer: “Star Wars 3D” (20th Century Fox)

Movie Trailer: “The Avengers” (Marvel)

Movie Trailer: “The Dictator” w/Sacha Baron Cohen (Paramount; pre-game)

Movie Trailer “The Lorax” (Universal)

NBC “America’s Got Talent” promo w/Howard Stern

NBC “Awake” series promo

NBC “Smash” series promo

NBC “The Voice” season 2 promo

NBC “The Tonight Show” promo w/Jay Leno & Madonna

NBC Thursday primetime comedy line-up promo

NFL “Timeline”

NFL “We Play For You” (pre-game)

NFLNFL Fantasy Million Dollar Fan”

Nicorette “Mini Lozenge” (post-game)

Old Navy “Corporado” (pre-game)

Pepsi “King’s Court” w/Elton John and The X Factor USA winner Melanie Amaro

Pepsi Max “Check-Out” w/Regis Philbin

Pizza Hut – contest winner, David Johnson (pre-game)

Prudential Financial “Day One: Linda Guthrie”

Royal Caribbean “Shellphone”

Samsung Mobile “Thing Called Love” Apple fan-spoofing spot

Skechers “Mr Quiggly” w/Mark Cuban

Suzuki “Sled”

TaxACT – “Free to Pee”

Teleflora “Valentine’s Night” w/Adriana Lima

Time Warner Cable “Enjoy Better” w/Ricky Gervais (NYC, regional)

Toyota Camry “Connections” (watch the extended version here)

Toyota Camry “It’s Reinvented” (watch the extended version here)

Verizon Wireless: Droid Razr “Colors” (pre-game)

Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back” (2012 New Beetle), a nod back to VW’s 2011 Super Bowl hit, “The Force”