Can Domino’s Continue Pizza Turnaround with Crowdsourcing – or Are Fans Crowdsourced Out?


Domino’s has gone public — not in the IPO sense, but by crowdsourcing ideas to improve the brand via a Facebook-based customer feedback intiatives it’s calling Think Oven.

It’s all part of the brand’s two-year-old initiative to become more relevant and increase loyalty (and business) by engaging consumers (customers and non-customers) in its reinvention.[more]

The Think Oven Facebook tab has two sections: Projects and Idea Box. Projects is where Domino’s solicits feedback on specific projects, with the kick-off project asking fans to brainstorm uniform ideas. Two visual submissions and two written submissions will each receive $500 rewards.

Idea Box is more open-ended and accepts any ideas people want to submit (although it’s safe to assume the brand’s Facebook admins can delete any offensive/rude suggestions). After all, the pizza chain’s latest product, Parmesan Bread Bites, was created by Brian Edler, a Domino’s Store Owner in Ohio. Other ideas so far including introducing rooftop gardens, better French dressing and a pizza delivery locator light.[more]

Of course, you could argue that branded Facebook pages are already used as suggestion/feedback boxes, but this approach organizes the suggestions in one place — although to be truly engaging, it would be nice to see Domino’s feedback and interaction, or the ability to vote on others’ suggestions.

No stranger to public opinion, Domino’s Pizza Turnaround brand refresh was considered a 2010 success story and a model of transparency, with a CEO admitting the company’s flagship product wasn’t very good and soliciting brutally honest criticism to improve it.

The king of crowdsourcing, however, remains My Starbucks Idea, the first community forum from the coffee lifestyle brand which set the bar high and received close to 75,000 ideas in less than six months, thousands of votes and hundreds of comments.

As Groundswell co-authors Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li commented, “From big ideas, like healthier morning and food options and bold coffee discussions, to smaller initiatives such as a ‘reusable cold cup,’ in just a few short months My Starbucks Idea has become a major force in helping direct the future of the company.”

Can Domino’s hope for such success? Are consumers crowdsourced out? Check out Think Oven and let us know what you think.


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