Brand Bites: Scarlett Hearts Coke, Brand it Like Beckham & more


Toyota teams with Marvel for a Yaris viral video, above.

Ford hooks up with the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for product placement.

The king(size) Snickers bar is dead. Make way for the fun size.

Below: Coke and ScarJo, Will Ferrell, Jeremy Linsanity and more.[more]

Coca-Cola scores dream celeb endorsement by vacationing Scarlett Johansson:

Control this Helsinki cafe via its app.

Linquiring minds want to know: How much is Jeremy Lin worth?

Air Australia budget airline runs out of gas and money, strands thousands of passengers overseas:

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee regional Super Bowl spot kicked Bud’s butt: The Numbers.

What to do will all that Border’s retail space?

Pong! The beer brewed, like the name says, just for beer pong.

The scantily-clad banned Ryanair ad.

FIFA warns Argentina FA over rebrand.

Bayer, the original contraception.

Tide promotes new Tide Pods:

Cellphones then and now. It’s true! (via)

Your seemingly uneventful trip to KFC just blew your mind. (via)

Victoria Beckham has a little fun with David’s H&M billboard during New York Fashion Week. (via)

Amnesty International piggybacks on London Fashion Week for anti-child labor PSA:

How not to deliver on your brand promise. (via)

How to put consumers off your product:

Denny’s teams with Funny or Die for “The Skillet Whisperer.”

Chevy Sonic’s call to action: “

And it’s the final epode of Ford’s “Hitchin’ a Ride” web series, this time with 30 Rock‘s Sue Galloway:

PETA being PETA with controversial “My Boyfriend went Vegan.”

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week — shoe cam!


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