Bob Marley Brand Expands from Music to Coffee to Swimwear


When Bob Marley died in 1981, he was worth around $30 million, Forbes reports. He’s worth a boatload more now and his descendants are happy to profit from his worldwide fame.

As Forbes points out, the lack of a will by Marley has helped create a lot of legal infighting over the years. However, it has also led to the Marley name being spread to new audiences in all sorts of new ways, whether it is, as the Jamaican Observer notes, “caps, lanyards, T-shirts, rolling papers, handbags and purses, belts and buckles, incense, beach towels and knapsacks,” among other things.

Now fans of Marley will get to go swimming with the legend as his oldest daughter, Cedella, will be launching a line of swimwear in March called High Tide.

Cedella has also profited from the Marley name by churning out children’s books, such as Smilin’ Island of Song, and putting the Marley name on a few clothing lines (Catch a Fire, Nice Time). And she’s worked with such companies as Puma and Barneys New York.[more]

Her brother Rohan also got into the Marley merchandising business when he introduced a coffee line called, naturally, Marley Coffee, which features beans grown in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, with each variety named after a different Marley tune.

Dad would be so proud.