Nitro Infuses Brand With Aussie Attitude


Friendly technology. It may sound like an oxymoron to some, but through thoughtful branding and visual design, it can be portrayed as exactly that. Nitro, which offers a PDF conversion product, has just rebranded for that very reason.

The brand, which started in Australia in 2005 and is now headquartered in San Francisco, felt its visual identity did not reflect its culture, products, or approach. In short, they wanted a brand “we could be proud of.” Below, find out how they rebranded and why.[more]

As the company embarked on this process, they contracted Davis Elen agency in Los Angeles for brand discovery, positioning, development, visual identity, marketing collateral and the website makeover.

So what exactly is Nitro’s brand positioning? “Making easy a reality.” Their mission? “To create tools that enable people to work smarter. To build intuitive software designed to improve the shared document lifecycle so that you can work more productively, your way.” Or as their revamped Twitter bio page puts it, “we build intuitive products—like Nitro Pro and Nitro Reader—that help people work smarter. We make PDF easy.”

Nitro wants the user to act “instinctively smarter” and their software to replace effort with instinct. They wanted the brand to reflect their core values:

Rooted in Australian culture. We work hard, we play hard, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Passionate. We give 110%, because we believe we can positively impact the lives of our users and customers with great products.

Easy.Easy to use, easy to work with. We simplify the complex.

Fun. We enjoy doing what we do, and we want the same for our customers.

No Bullshit. We’re real people and real in the way we operate and communicate with each other, our customers, and our partners. Open and honest dialogue is a must in keeping our interactions real.

The new look and feel aims to reflect these values:

As for the character on the right, that’s Milo. A wombat. With a jetpack. The company’s new Aussie marsupial mascot shows up on 404 pages, support process and documentation, seasonal and campaign collateral, social media properties — even a cheery mural at its Melbourne office:

Is it silly to have a friendly mascot for such a strong tech company? Of course not. Mega-corporations have mascots, especially high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. Since tech can be scary (or just plain dull) to some, the mascot makes the service or product more appealing then just a name and a mark.

How do you think Milo stacks up to other tech mascots? Check out a few examples below and post a comment!

Other big name mascots


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