Mantyhose, Guylons, Brosiery: Men, Ready to Don Tights?


Fellas who have been bumming out for the past eon about not having any pantyhose made expressly for them can now rest easy. There’s a new trend in town and Women’s Wear Daily is calling it mantyhose. is trying on a few other names for the new product — Brosiery, Guylons, He-tard, Beau-hose — and asking consumers to vote. At this writing, Brosiery was smothering the rest of the competition.

As WWD points out, men having seen this much hose for guys since NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath donned a pair for a Hanes BeautyMist commercial and Burt Reynolds showed off his nylon-clad gams in a Cosmopolitan pictorial.

Italian fashion designer Emilio Cavallini is leading the charge, looking to expand the 4 million pairs of tights that he sells annually to a new audience: men.

Cavallini’s website is  offering at least six different designs of the unisex tights including white or gray side bands, skulls, stars, checks, and horizontal stripes. He has also designed camouflage mantyhose, which may appeal to officers and gentlemen.[more]

Below, check out Cavallini’s haute legwear at last month’s New York Fashion Week in a provocative runway show for his fall/winter womens’ legewear collection that paid tribute with a short film, titled Risque Business, to seamed stockings icon Bettie Page.


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