Rainbow Connection: Apple’s Tie-Dye Logo Peek Sparks Speculation


Back in 1977, when Apple Computers was just getting started, Steve Jobs commissioned a graphic designer to come up with a logo better than the one they started with — his only instruction was “Don’t make it cute.” The rainbow version that was unveiled stuck around until 1998 when the current monochromatic version came into being.

At the introduction of the new iPad Wednesday, VentureBeat noted that when Apple CEO Tim Cook “strolled offstage … a colorful version of the company logo appeared on the screen.” This led more than a few observers to speculate that Apple is returning to its old rainbow-logoed ways, especially since, as VB added, Microsoft recently scrapped its colorful Windows logo “in favor of a new super bland version, which leaves companies like Apple free to resume using the rainbow without fear of having it confused with the competition.”[more]

Of course, this is all likely as true as the rumors that preceded the unveiling of the third generation iPad that the new version would be called iPad HD “in an effort to really get across the idea that the new tablet has a much higher resolution display,” as the Los Angeles Times had reported.

Apple declined to call the third version of its iPad the iPad 3, going with the “new iPad” instead … just as the latest iPhone wasn’t called the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 4S when it was unveiled in October.

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