Yes, Virginia, There Is a Potential Revenue Stream in Naming Rights


Everybody is hurting for money these days and nobody is saying no to any potential revenue streams. So why should Virginia?

The governor of the great commonwealth is looking to sell naming rights to streets, bridges, and intersections, Voice of America reports. And he’s not just thinking that corporations will buy in. Wealthy civilians might as well get into the act, too. What would make a nicer birthday present than to give your sweetheart a local intersection?  

Governor Bob McDonnell wants to use the money from naming rights to “help the cash-strapped Virginia transportation budget,” VOA notes. But what is the “your name here” response to budget woes doing for the Virginia brand?[more]

“Supporters say Americans are used to having things sponsored and wouldn’t mind a bit traveling on the Coke Zero Expressway across the Nationwide Insurance Bridge out into the Virginia countryside,” VOA notes, but adds that “others mock the idea as the next step in the ‘corporatization of America.’” The Washington Post hears that state senators aren’t loving the idea but enjoy it enough that they made up signs for different corporations and hung them all over their desks on Saturday, the last day of the session.

“Are we going to look up at this skylight one day and see ‘Exxon’ because we’ve sold the naming rights to our chamber?” asked state senator Dave Marsden. Another senator “who’d opposed a transvaginal ultrasound bill was heard telling senators who’d supported it that he’d shell out to christen something Transvaginal Tunnel,” according to the paper. Whatever helps the budget, senator. Whatever helps the budget.