At the Movies: ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Hooters’ and more


It would be an understandable mistake to assume the slapstick version of iconic 1980s show 21 Jump Street would be this weekend’s top product tie-in flick. But nobody counted on “the Hooters movie.”[more]

Jeff, Who Lives at Home is a movie about the day in the lives of two brothers, one who lives at home in their mother’s basement (played by Jason Segel) and another whose marriage is disintegrating (played by Ed Helms). In other words, a movie about two of life’s winners.

These winners, it turns out, also like Hooters and a significant portion of the film takes place at one of the most iconicly American of all chain restaurants. Hooters Magazine (Yes, there’s a Hooters Magazine!) notes that the film was shot at the Hooters of Westbank (Gretna, LA  outside of New Orleans — in case you’re planning a visit).

Hooters is more than just a film location though, it’s a true product tie-in partner and brand integration. Radio promotions of the film include sweepstakes for a $100 Hooters gift card. And Hooters girls were even on the red carpet for the movie’s premiere.

“Look for Hooters in the film” reads a button on the film’s official website.

A less-than-official brand integration for Jeff, Who Lives at Home is Porsche.

Continuing a product placement phenomenon we’ve noted before, it seems Porsche has once again scored a role where it is the brand choice of a jerkface.

Another oddball comedy opening this weekend is the Will Ferrell-speaking-Spanish Casa De Mi Padre.

In color!

Casa De Mi Padre has already produced a spoof commercial for a product that may become the reverse product placement of the year.

Speaking of comedies and Spanish, here’s how the remake of 21 Jump Street is being marketed en Espanol.

Seeking Justice, the new Nicolas Cage/January Jones film, is also out this weekend:

Finally, we cannot pass up pointing out the indie film The FP, which just might be the best comedy of the weekend.


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