In the News: Apple, Kodak, UPS and more


In the News

Apple plans to spend $45 billion of cash hoard on $10 billion stock buyback and share dividend yet may have to deal with rising brand dislike as it discusses today its plans for $100-billion cash horde.

Apple critic Mike Daisey changed his one-man show after admitting fabrications, while Foxconn declines to sue.

Boeing faces concerns about aging of 737.

Chevron executives can’t leave Brazil.

Cumulus Media debuts radio program featuring Mike Huckabee to challenge Rush Limbaugh Program.

E! Network signs Clint Eastwood and family to reality TV series.

Facebook spends less on R&D than rivals.[more]

GM produces mixed bag of success in keeping owners of its defunct brands as its seeks wider deal with Peugeot.

Groupon expands premium offering.

Hyatt rolls out in-room  digital upgrades.

Kmart fights for brand relevance.

Kodak readies patent sale.

Lionsgate uses social media to build pre-opening momentum for The Hunger Games.

Mazda bets big on new technology and low-cost plants outside Japan.

McDonald’s launches “Shamrocking” campaign on social media.

P&G backs NBC “green” efforts.

Red Bull founder, Thai duck farmer turned billionaire Chaleo Yoovidhya, passes away.

Starbucks to open first Evolution Fresh store.

UPS reaches deal to acquire TNT Express.

Volvo prepares to reveal Jeremy Lin endorsement deal.


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