The Product Placement Easter Egg in ’21 Jump Street’ Reboot


For a film with more than 25 identifiable brands on-screen, 21 Jump Street (the new #1 movie, taking in $35 million its opening weekend) does not come across as packed with product placement. As one would expect from a modern update on the 1980s TV series, there are a number of gags made at the expense of brand names.

The movie pokes fun at “Pop Quiznos,” Taco Bell, Porsche and a pink VW Beetle. Not to mention Smith & Wesson police bicycles, Glock, Springfield Armory handguns, and other brands sure to resonate with a highly brand-aware Generation Y audience. There is even a gag about a new designer drug created with Doritos. (Incidentally, 21 Jump Street star Jonah Hill was last seen on-screen with Doritos in Superbad.)

But the cleverest product placement of the whole film was probably missed by a majority of the audience. Indeed, not one review or tweet mentions it.[more]

In the original TV series Detective Tom Hanson (a career-making role played by Johnny Depp) drove his late father’s classic 1967 blue Mustang. The cool muscle car gave a badass depth and pedigree to Depp’s character in the 1980s when all was cool and new and… neon.

In the new comic update of the series for the big screen, the young 21 Jump Street detectives cruise around in a blue, late-1980s model Mustang, one of Ford’s most comic and despised designs for the classic muscle car. It’s a great little joke and nod for those who caught it.

One other noteworthy product placement in the movie has to do with t-shirts — though not because star Channing Tatum leaves his on throughout the film, a move that disappointed some moviegoers who took to Twitter. No, what’s noteworthy is the sheer number of t-shirts the new 21 Jump Street duo goes through in the film.

For example, two of the top-end Ts worn by Tatum in the film are designer designs. The first, made by Anthony Eng, reads “Never throw your wallet out the car window” and it retails for $60 at Barney’s. (Currently sold out.)

One of the other Ts is a hand screened design reading “Beauty is Boring” by Drug Money Art. It retails for $125. Kind of pricey for those on a rookie cop’s salary.

For all of the brand intergrations in 21 Jump Street, visit the Brandcameo product placement database.


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