Traydmark Moves: On Trayvon Martin Trademarks & Zimmerman Domains


Two days ago we reported that the mother of Florida teen shooting victim Trayvon Martin had applied to trademark terms related to his name, which was picked up by Yahoo and other outlets. In that report, we specifically took the position that the move was a “smart” move by a grieving mother to protect her son’s name.

Now, another trademark application proves how wise Martin’s mom was. And yet, did she make a mistake by not beefing up her trademark application?[more]

Filed on March 23rd, two days after Trayvon’s mother’s, the application by a Los Angeles resident, Marcus Singletary (any relation to Michelle?) seeks to trademark  “Justice for Trayvon,” the same term Trayvon’s mother sought to protect.

Except, Singletary specified “Hooded sweatshirts” as his use for the trademark, whereas Trayvon’s mom has specified media. The hooded sweatshirt— aka hoodie—has become a calling card of the protest, or a “culture war flashpoint” as the Wall Street Journal puts it.

But the branding fight in this case is not one-sided. The March 20th private registrant of the URL has chosen to host some very anti-Zimmerman content.

Will Zimmerman’s lawyer have the site shut down? They have a case. Continuing…


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