Coca-Cola’s Tumult Targets European Adult Beverage Market


Coca-Cola is creating “tumult” with the launch of Tumult, an adult fermented non-alcoholic drink to be served with food (great with sushi!) or as an alco-alternative before the food is served, newly redesigned by Taxi Studio, whose creative director, Spencer Buck, explains

We wanted to open it up to a wider audience, and by doing so, make it more accessible and light-hearted. The positioning statements are circling round the fact it brightens up and colours social moments, perhaps as a drink to be enjoyed before dinner as an aperitif.

The design is accompanied by a “sensorial cloud,” according to Casey Sampson, Taxi’s senior designer. “As it’s a fermented non-alcoholic drink it’s basically alive, so we tried to bring that to life with the swirls and swooshes. It’s got a lot of movement to it. We wanted to bring a bit more joy to the packaging and make it less austere. There’s a sense of permanence to give it a more iconic status.”[more]

Following the pack designs, Taxi Studio is now developing promotional and point of sale materials for the Tumult launch in Paris next month before roll-out in the UK. Key brand benefits to be emphasized: 100% Freshness, 0% Added Sugar, and availability in two flavors, Malty (apple and malt barley) and Fruity (apricot and pear).

Taxi is one of a half-dozen on Coca-Cola’s European creative roster, and was chosen for the first Tumult identity about two and a half years ago.

Coca-Cola test-targeted a niche market in France last year, including 44 Monop’ stores and Parisian hot spots like the Hotel Lutetia bar, and subsequently positioned Tumult as a premium product on store shelves, next to Schweppes Tonic.

Tumult is perfect to ‘brighten up social moments,’ good with sushi, and “more visible on the shelf, sexier in the hand and light-hearted overall,” notes

“Our first targets are the “foodies,” who love cooking and new restaurants,” said Olivier Chantraine, the French launch manager. “We’re giving ourselves two to five years to install the brand as a real alternative to the existing supply of drinks before expanding its distribution to all of France and Europe.”