Coca-Cola Taps Spotify to Open Musical Happiness via Facebook


Coca-Cola is mounting a massive music-based global marketing campaign pegged to the London 2012 Olympics, so it makes sense that Coke would partner with the leading musical app (Spotify) on the biggest social network (Facebook) to bring free music to countries worldwide, expanding on a relationship that started last year.

A message posted on Coca-Cola’s corporate Twitter feed confirmed the partnership following Spotify’s CEO keynote at the Ad Age digital summit this morning in New York: “What goes better with Coke? Music. Daniel Ek just announced @Spotify and Coke partnership.”

The details were forthcoming at a post-keynote press conference: Spotify will be the primary technology for Coca-Cola Music worldwide, with its app integrated into Coke’s Facebook presence and Timeline for a ‘seamless social music experience.’

Coca-Cola will leverage the Spotify API and platform through a variety of applications, the first of which was built by independent developers during a two-day Spotify/Coca-Cola “hackers den” held in New York City this past weekend, which will be unveiled at the 2012 Olympics in London.[more]

The timing is significant, as the co-branding deal helps Coca-Cola take its youth-quaking London 2012 Olympics global campaign, the Mark Ronson-produced “Move to the Beat” musical collaboration, to the next level of ubiquity.

“Coca-Cola is the most recognized and respected brand in the world and we are proud to be their music partner,” stated Ek, who founded Spotify, in a press release. “Spotify and Coca-Cola both believe that music, technology and creativity can connect people around the globe.”

“At Coca-Cola we have long recognized the power of music to connect people around the world,” added Joe Belliotti, Director, Global Entertainment Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company. “As we step up our activation through Coca-Cola Music, we are excited by the innovative music technology platform created by Spotify and the opportunity to create a truly global music network. The potential for this partnership is limitless.”

Part of Coke’s sponsorship of this summer’s Olympic Games includes branding the Olympic torch relay across the UK, during which, Marketing Week UK reports, “interactive vehicles on the relay will embed Coca-Cola’s umbrella “Move to the Beat” Olympic messaging by allowing consumers to create and share their own versions of the campaign’s song.”

In addition to handing out limited-edition 250ml aluminum cans of Coke, a musical hybrid van emblazoned with Coca-Cola’s Olympic regalia will transport music along the route, Marketing Week adds:

Each day’s relay will culminate with live music events in the evening, including five bigger “special city celebrations”, featuring acts including Dizzee Rascal, The Wanted and Tribes. Some of the smaller events will also feature local talent to reinforce the campaign’s community messaging. Coca-Cola will encourage consumers and its celebrity brand ambassadors to share all the experiential activity on social media and will also showcase the event on its own channels, which include Coke Zone, Facebook and Twitter.

James Williams, Coca-Cola’s Olympic Torch Relay director, told Marketing Week he hopes this upcoming Olympian local market activation will help people remember Coca-Cola for putting on “great music” events.

Spotify is also on something of a tear, announcing advertising deals with AT&T, McDonald’s, Intel, and Reebok in addition to the worldwide partnership with Coca-Cola.

The European musical app’s CEO, Ek, also announced at Ad Age Digital that its preferred app status in the Facebook Timeline has so far yielded over 1.5 billion Facebook shares and 1,500 years worth of music streaming within its apps.

Ek also said in his keynote that an iPad app is coming “soon” and “that every intelligent device within two years will have access to Spotify.” With its embeddable Play Button now making the music-sharing app accessible to any website, that’s not an idle boast.

Check out more of Coca-Cola’s London 2012 “Move to the Beat” musical branding campaign below:


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