Dove Expands Campaign for Real Beauty with Ad Makeovers


Dove is continuing on its award-winning “campaign for real beauty” with a social twist in Australia, where women are invited via a Facebook app to replace ads that prey on women’s insecurities with feel-good messages. Dubbed “The Ad Makeover by Dove,” the Unilever-owned brand aims to make women feel good about themselves.”[more]

As the Huffington Post notes,

Dove is setting its sights on all those small but sneaky ads on the side of your screen that shout-out to your “jelly rolls” or “love handles” or “muffin tops” (and sometimes even animate them — that’s the worst). Through Dove Australia’s “The Ad Makeover,” created by created by Ogilvy, Aussie women can go online and literally swap out the negative ads on their (and their friends’) screens and replace them with feel-good message: “The perfect bum is the one you’re sitting on,” for example, or “When it comes to your body, love the one you’re with.”

The result? “Your Facebook friends will see colorful, positive ads along the side of their profiles next time they log on.”