Get Ready for Marvel’s The Avengers Overload


While The Five-Year Engagement with Jason Segal and Emily Blunt is poised to take top spot at the box office this weekend, the real fan/brand frenzy is a week away.

Prepare yourselves for Hype Overload: Marvel’s The Avengers movie is opening on May 4th and the plan is for the company to have more than 600 (!) pieces of merchandise tied to the film at Walmart alone. You can be sure every character — Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow — will get his or her toys, gear, and apparel as part of the merchandising blitz.

A great deal, if not all, of these products will be found in the aisles of Walmart, where fans of the film will also be able to use a nifty augmented-reality app tied to the film in order to locate the Marvel-ous merchandise (and not just on a T-Mobile phone, as shown in Walmart’s video above).[more]

Walmart shoppers can now download the Super Hero AR app from iTunes or Android Market and have instant access to Hawkeye. The rest of the characters will become available to those who visit Walmart and take their devices to the proper locations within the venue. Or as Walmart likes to say, “customers can ‘unlock’ the superpowers of the five remaining Avengers and ultimately save the world.” notes that the unlocking can be done after customers “seek out specific images on Marvel’s The Avengers signage located in various departments around the store including apparel, grocery, toys and wireless,” aim their devices at the images and collect the rest of the powers in order to try and “defeat Loki and win the game.”

“We are happy to have Walmart’s tremendous support behind the release of Marvel’s The Avengers,” stated Mark Rhodes, SVP of North American Retail Development at Marvel Entertainment. “We are always looking for opportunities to develop unique retail programs with our partners and feel the Super Hero Augmented Reality app enables fans to extend both their shopping and movie experience in an interactive way.”

“Walmart is bringing this summer’s most anticipated blockbuster into stores through a first-of-its-kind augmented reality experience which bridges the gap between the physical store and mobile gaming,” added Seong Ohm, SVP and general merchandise manager for entertainment, Walmart U.S. “We’re committed to creating engaging and fun experiences at Walmart, and we’ve tapped different areas of the store for movie fans to interact with the mobile app while shopping the more than 600 ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ merchandise available.”

Click here to download the app — and let us know what you think if you give it a test run at a Walmart near you.

Below, some of the official marketing partners for the film include Harley-Davidson, Acura, Dr Pepper, Hershey’s, Visa and more:


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