Ford Reintroduces Itself With No-Name, No-Logo “Go Further” Campaign


Ford’s new “Go Further” tagline was introduced in January, and it’s now being promoted with a new 60-second commercial (above), a pop-up gallery in San Francisco (more on that below), and on social media, including via the Twitter hashtag #gofurther.

No puppets, no testimonials, no Ford name or even a blue oval logo to identify itself, just a simple pitch: “What does it mean to Go Further? For a car company it means offering vehicles with innovative technologies, plug-in hybrids and EcoBoost® engines that combine power and efficiency. If you were offering a new car in today’s crowded market, you’d do all this to go further. Learn more at

Ford’s social hub elaborates on why it’s pushing out “Go Further”:[more]

“We’ve been in the business long enough to know — sometimes you need to reintroduce yourself to the world. With more than 20 brands of cars being sold in America, not everyone knows what Ford is about like you do. We wanted to see what people would think when we left our name out of it. When we let the quality of our cars speak for itself. Because sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to see what’s right in front of you. Help us spread the word.”

The “Go Further” campaign was previewed at a kick-off party for Ford’s first pop-up gallery in San Francisco, which featured cultural influencers such as Kid Robot, Izze beverages, Pandora music, Moshi accessories, and a “fashion bar” promoting the StyleYou app.

The Go Further SF shop is open through May 13th — more details at and on its Facebook page.


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