NBA’s Brooklyn Nets Woo Fans to Barclays Center with Socialcam


The social video sharing app Socialcam, just scored the NBA’s (and Jay-Z‘s) Brooklyn Nets, formerly known as the New Jersey Nets.

Their “Hello Brooklyn” campaign (watch below) is a pitch to the team’s community of fans, 35 million and growing, and takes users on a subway ride to their new home for the 2012-13 NBA season at the new Barclays Center.

The mobile app for shooting, editing, and sharing videos via smartphone is jousting for position in an increasingly competitive arena fueled by Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram.[more]

Mobli, Color, Klip and Viddy are all in the space but Socialcam’s deal with the Brooklyn Nets puts it ahead of the pack – for the moment. Socialcam holds the #10 spot for free apps in the iOS app store and boasts 51.5 million active Facebook users monthly.

Socialcam stands out from the pack in part for its founder’s pedigree; a spin-off from with that brand’s founder and namesake Justin Kan, and colleagues former co-founder and CEO Michael Seibel, and former senior engineer Ammon Bartram. Seibel and Bartram are Socialcam’s CEO and CTO, respectively, while Kan moved on to work on his own Y Combinator Winter 2012 startup

VaynerMedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk, driving the social marketing campaign, says “The Brooklyn Nets are always open-minded to exploring new platforms. Socialcam has had explosive growth and is a perfect fit with the team’s exciting move to Brooklyn.”

Merchandise featuring Jay-Z’s new black and white logo for the Nets is selling like hotcakes and tech investors are looking anxiously for the next “Instagram for video.”

Nets CMO Fred Mangione is bullish on the move. “We want to be the most innovative team in sports and engage the digital community in Brooklyn and our fans globally. We’ve already gained 104,000 fans within a week, so it’s clear that Socialcam is a great platform and has unlimited growth potential,” he told Next Web.

Siebel sat down with Tech Crunch’s Founders Den for an interview about Socialcame ahead of Facebook’s Instagram purchase.